…unless you are open to a fitness coach’s ideas and aspects on training and nutrition. I talk to so many people about their challenges and problems in the area of fitness and health I nearly have a doctors degree in statistics on their problems. Well, I do not have a […]

A fitness coach can’t help you…

Masturbating release dopamine
…and other stuff that prevents you from performing at your best. We humans are complicated organisms that have loads of different hormones in our body that in the end alters our behavior if we do not take control. Our mind is strong, but our hormones will manipulate us unless we […]

Why you should not masturbate in the morning

Maximum strength will increase your ability to do bodyweight exercises
No doubt about it. Strength is key to all your closed doors. Without it you are just at average. Read on to understand why. In all sports, fitness included, you need to handle your bodyweight and external load. The stronger you are the more likely you are to handle all […]

Strength is King – unless you want to be weak

Do you like toasted bread? How much power can you produce over a short period of time? It is said that track cyclists can crank out up to 2000 watts on their bikes in a sprint. How about a watt challenge between human and toaster? Would you connect your indoor […]

Human vs. toaster

Presenting your physique is not an easy task if you are new in this game. Looking at stage appearances will reveal a lot of different posing in fitness competitions. Two competitors might have almost identical physiques, but one stands out as a more complete athlete. Why? Before my first competition […]

Posing in fitness competitions

From childhood, in what circumstances did you have teacher or trainer? Having person with knowledge, went through the same, experienced and probably made the mistakes so you don´t have to is worth its weight in gold. Your road to your goals will be a lot easier making fewer mistakes. Don´t […]

Do you need a mentor or a coach